“Now Give Me Back My Dog!”

My pitch for the Immediate Edge Internship

Dear Dan and Ed

A shepherd was herding his flock in a remote pasture when suddenly a brand new BMW advanced out of a dust cloud toward him. The driver, a young man in a Broni suit, Gucci shoes, YSL tie and Ray Ban sunglasses leans out of the window and asks the shepherd, “If I tell you exactly how many sheep you have in your flock, will you give me one?” [http://www.thegaryhalbertletter.com/Newsletters/population.htm]

You are both busy and you do not just need a consultant to do your paperwork. If that was the case you would already have been at Elance to get one.

What you need is somebody that has a passion for internet marketing, somebody that believes that IM can work for anybody and somebody with at least some track record. You do not need John Reese of Frank Kern, but you need somebody that already knows the way around.

So it may not be a surprise that I put myself forward, as I believe I can add a lot of value both to the Immediate Edge but also to your other activities (some of them at least)

Having been around since the first Thirty Day Challenge many people do know me and I believe that this can add value as well.

I understand that “virtual intern” arrangements can be difficult, however getting from Zurich to Manchester is neither difficult nor expensive, in fact getting from London to Manchester would probably be the same travelling time and I am more than willing to do travel, so when we have to meet up it can easily be done.

Besides the experience in IM, I speak several European languages, have lived 3 years in London so I know my way around there. I already have an Apple iMac (thanks for the ‘excuse’ to upgrade to Leopard) which means I can start right away.

As for golden opportunity, there is no doubt in my mind that I could benefit from this just as I know I can give a lot as well. I know that any task I take on I will complete, so you will not have to spend time on putting out fires. “The Devil Wears Prada” … Give me a task and I’ll get it done!

I will be available for chat or interview when you want, though I will be skiing with my family Thursday to Saturday this week.

Currently I work full time in Zurich. I would suggest to work initially on a part time basis (Seeing that you, Dan mainly work afternoons, evenings and nights) Should the work load get too big then we will arrange for that as well.

Have a nice day


You can reach me on SPAMFILTER

Have attached a document in progress on autoresponder and optin setup as a reference on work I am doing right now. (Still need to finish the webpage/cookie documentation)

One step forward and three step back

So, after a long weekend in Denmark, I’m back to work.

And I havent done enough. Some blog posts and 2 autoresponder messages in one niche and just one in another.

A niche I had planned to go into has already been crowded by other undies, and with just 4000 searches I prefer to leave that alone.

Also with the changes in Google’s strategy the main keyword was going to be too broad, I believe.

So time for a rethink. I have one new niche that I am going to start on. Not a lot of comtetition there, but one info product. We’ll see how it goes.

Started out having contact with 4 other undies, but since I haven’t been around a lot two of them have fallen off (I guess)

Today I’ll try to get hold of them.

The whole underachiever process is fairly straight forward, my main challenge is to find a viable niche. Hope I have gotten it this time.

Full steam ahead


Almost there. Only two videos and a podcast missing.

And some blogging.

Whys is the blogging so important? Well we are just about to send traffic to our LeadCatcher ™ page, and when the visitors kindly have given their email addresses and are forwarded to the blog, it would be good if they found a blog full of posts.

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

So, tomorrow is massive blogging day. And there’s so much stuff to blog about.
Another reason for the blog attack tomorrow is that I’m going to Denmark for the weekend. So that will again leave a couple of days without posts.

Anyway …

I have now narrowed my effort down to two niches. The thirs niche I had identified has been put on hold, since I have to go to work once in a while.

Last year it was possible to follow what was going on the forum. This year it seems that Ed and Frank are continuing to load cool stuff to do, so all time is spent on implementing that.

Keep it coming guys.

Just time for the last videos and then off to bed.


Overwhelmed by the 30 day challenge ?

The first 3-4 days of the challenge is exactly that, a challenge.
After that it will calm down a bit, important is just to stick with it.

In day one we learn how to get loads of ideas, and try not to filter
any of them. This is the MOST important day and last year I spent
like 7 days before I had found viable ideas.

Better to spend extra time here, you will catch up.

When you have 30-100 ideas like …

golf training for kids
diet for dogs
cloud watching

etc etc etc

at that point you start going through the process of finding
the best niche.

If you are really pressed for time and can’t sit in front of the computer
all day another place to look for ideas is the library/bookstore.

What books are selling best, what magazines are there for sale.
Maybe a book about makeup or cross stitching.

Or there could be a program about growing banana palms in your

Right now we are only after the ideas.

Hope it helps

Getting Idea’s for the Thirty Days

This year’s idea gathering seems to be easier,
probably because this tima I’m actually doing
what Ed teaches.

There’s a great video on Jason Moffatt’s blog as well,
if you havent seen it yet zoom over there and check
it out.


Another place to get ideas is trendhunter.com,
just check out the link for a cool idea.

I’m sure Ed will appreciate that.

Today I’ll reduce the number of ideas to 7, and then wait
for Ed’s next podcast.

It is lovely weather in London, so I am not going to hang
in front of the computer much more.