Pictures From Birthday In Luxembourg

Working in one country and living in another sometimes upsets the plans.

With my Birthday in the middle of the week and an 400 Km journey in each direction there was no chance of celebrating on the day.

Still, we moved the celebration a couple of days and combined it with a “support the French economy” trip to Metz.

Morning started with cake (only 1 candle)

Birthday Cake (1 candle)



After an extented brunch we went to Metz where we did some serious shopping.

We also came across just the right chair …

What more can you want?

What more can you want?

It turned out the seat was reserved, only the occupant had some ploblems finding parking space
for the rendeer.

Santa Have Arrived
Santa Arrived.

In all a very good day.

How to reset the power-on password on a Compaq evo n620c

Got one for free, thank you.

But it had power-on password set.

To get it removed:

1 ) find the manual on
2 ) remove battery pack
3 ) remove cover over extra memory
4 ) remove the RTC battery
5 ) Wait a couple of minutes
6 ) Start the PC on power only (no RTC and no battery pack)
7 ) When you get the error about the hard disk turn off
8 ) turn on again. Password gone
9 ) put RTC battery back, and place cover, add battery pack