Have Your Own Radio Show

Here is something really hot.

Create your own radio show in mp3.
Upload it to your blog. (and it’s called a PODcast)

And people can now listen to what you have to say.

The software to keep updated with radioshows is on ipodder.net
Download, install and start to subscribe to the shows.

There are already loads of shows, and surely something for every

Personally I download a lot of stuff on internet marketing, but
the PODcasts from Adam Curry are really great.

All you need to listen to it is a small, cheap mp3 player.


My new Clickbank project

One thing is sure. There are less hours in a day in London, than in any other place I have worked.

It is probably because of the travelling time. In the start it was OK, reading books, the newspaper end so on.

Still I would rather use the time working on current project. A search engine for Clickbank products.

Clickbank is a cool store for ebooks. It’s possible to sell books and earn a small profit on that. But even better, if there is a book of interest, it is possible to buy the boof from myself. This can actually save up to 75%. That is why I’m busy with this project. (cause I think it is fun)

Besides that I have added loads of new photos on the website. As usual no comments.

One day I might get the comments added.


French Wine Info

Jeg er gaaet igang med et nyt projekt.

Det nye websted www.french-wine-info.com bliver lavet som en guide til fransk vin.

Der kommer beskrivelser af vin, druer, omraader og nogle opskrifter.

Jeg laver ogsaa en ebog med opskrifter. Det bliver muligt at sende en email,
og bede om bogen.

Og saa laver jeg en weblog med det sidste nye om Fransk vin.

Test of publishing by mail

So, 14 months passed….

Better get started again. So this test of email publicication could make a difference.

At least that is the intention.

> However, with this signature I guess something else has to be done.

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