Buy Market Samurai Read These Tips Before You Buy Market Samurai

Read These Tips Before You Buy Market Samurai

The Market Samurai marketing team had their act together when they decided to allow people to try the toolset for 7 days without requiring a credit card. That’s right, you can go to right now and sign up to use the entire toolset, not just the keyword research part, but all modules. Here are some tips to make sure that you make a well-educated decision to buy Market Samurai.

The first tip is a money saver. You need to sign up for the trial because once you are enrolled you qualify for a pretty decent reduction in the final cost of the product. If you buy the program without trying it first it costs $147. Once you send off your confirmation message you’ll get an email with the link to download the program plus a $50 savings on your purchase if you buy Market Samurai in the next 5 days. That’s $50 you can spend on building out your new niche site with Private Label Rights (PLR)articles or ghostwritten articles.

The second tip is to understand how Market Samurai works. The programs are designed to use Google’s own keyword research tools and databases. Then, depending on what module you are using, Market Samurai manipulates the data to present it to you in a meaningful manner. Sure it’s nice to have 800 niche related keywords in front of you, but when you use Market Samurai’s additional modules like the SEO Competition, Marketing and Monetization programs you can build out a killer niche website to rank higher and faster for your keyword phrases. Ranking higher means your website has the potential for more clicks for dollars. Practice using all the modules during your trial period.

This leads to the third and perhaps most important tip. The support for Market Samurai is found at and consists of a forum, blog, knowledgebase, and support ticket submission. You’ll also find something called a “Dojo.” The Dojo is a Japanese term which literally means “place of the way.” In this case, it’s where you’ll find training articles and videos to enhance your rapid learning experience.

One other note worth discussing is the recent changes made to Google’s Keyword analysis programs. Since Market Samurai leverages Google’s keywords and applications this also means there will be outages when Google makes sudden changes. Go to the support areas, watch the videos and read the forum posts. If you get stuck and can’t find an answer in the training material or on the forum, submit a ticket as well as a thread to the forum. Evaluate what kind of response you get and how helpful it was to you. You don’t want to buy something that has a “vapor support” team and you should be satisfied with Market Samurai’s support before you purchase the toolset.

During October 2010 there was quite a bit of turmoil in the user community when Google changed the face of their keyword analysis tool. In most cases, any related problems and issues were quickly resolved by the Market Samurai team. In other instances, the resolution was dependant on Google’s programmers adjusting their programs before the Market Samurai team could fix theirs.

The good news is that there are new features added to Market Samurai and it loads data a lot faster than it did before. You can review these updates at the blog here:

As part of your pre-purchase evaluation of the product go sign on to the Warrior Forum at and search for threads about Market Samurai. Read what others say and even submit your own question about the product.

Follow this advice and you’ll make a sound decision on whether you should buy Market Samurai. Go right now and download the free trial. You’ve got seven days to test out Market Samurai and decide if it’s for you. Follow these tips and set up your own keyword research projects to discover if that niche is going to be a winner.