One step forward and three step back

So, after a long weekend in Denmark, I’m back to work.

And I havent done enough. Some blog posts and 2 autoresponder messages in one niche and just one in another.

A niche I had planned to go into has already been crowded by other undies, and with just 4000 searches I prefer to leave that alone.

Also with the changes in Google’s strategy the main keyword was going to be too broad, I believe.

So time for a rethink. I have one new niche that I am going to start on. Not a lot of comtetition there, but one info product. We’ll see how it goes.

Started out having contact with 4 other undies, but since I haven’t been around a lot two of them have fallen off (I guess)

Today I’ll try to get hold of them.

The whole underachiever process is fairly straight forward, my main challenge is to find a viable niche. Hope I have gotten it this time.

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Working in IT for longer that I care to remember and in more countries than is normal. Interests besides computers and programming are skiing, gardening, constructing electronics and having a good time.

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