Overview of Market Samurai The 4 Golden Rules of Profitable Keyword Research

Overview of Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a set of keyword research tools designed to help Internet marketers quickly identify money making niche markets as well as sets of keyword phrases around which they can achieve high ranking. However, that’s not all it takes to make money in niche marketing. If you select keywords that are not directly related to triggering a “buy response”, then your chances for making money are drastically reduced. Market Samurai is perfect for Internet marketers who don’t want to spend hundreds of hours deliberating over potential niche markets and keywords only to end up with a website that attracts tiny amounts of non-buying traffic. Here’s how it works.

Market Samurai’s set of keyword research tools goes far beyond the capabilities of what Google’s Adwords keyword selector tool offers. In fact, today you may be totally confused with Google’s tool as it is continually changing formats. The latest rendition of the tool is very different from the last version. You may very well leave the Google Adwords tool exasperated by how cumbersome it is to do simple keyword research.

Let’s take a step back and understand why keyword research is the backbone of any successful Internet marketing strategy. Keyword research is the basis for any good SEO campaign. Your success is dependent on how well you did your keyword research. Keyword research is the very first thing you do when planning a new online campaign. It is the point where a staggering 99% of marketers fail.

Why do so many marketers fail in keyword selection? They fail because they choose keyword phrases that have minimal commercial value, or for which they cannot achieve significant ranking and the traffic that goes with that high ranking. Market Samurai’s protocol involves 3 Golden Rules for creating a successful online niche marketing campaign. If you fail at any one of these three areas, your efforts will be for naught.

Golden Rule #1: Select Relevant Keywords for Targeted Traffic

Have you ever generated a list of keywords, but some of them seem odd? For example, the keyword phrase ‘arthritis cats’ is difficult to use in a sentence. In fact, flipping the words in the phrase makes more sense giving ‘cats arthritis.’ This is an example of targeting a keyword phrase that may be irrelevant because it is missing another word or the words are flipped. Use the Keyword Research module to help weed out irrelevant keywords.

Golden Rule #2: Target High Traffic Keywords

If you are going to spend hundreds of hours writing articles, posting to blogs, commenting in forums, creating Digg, Stumble or other social bookmarking efforts, then you need to make it worth your time and effort. You must only target keywords that have significant traffic. Why spend all that time and effort ranking #1 in Google for a keyword that brings you 5 visitors a day? Break this rule, and you’ll waste time and money ranking highly for a keyword that nobody searches for (which, by the way, represents 90% of all keywords.)

Golden Rule #3: Assess Market Competition

Are you a marketer that chooses keyword phrases that have the potential of attracting loads of traffic ready to buy your stuff? Do these keywords also have a lot of competition? Do you even know if you are selecting a keyword phrase that hundreds of thousands of other marketers are targeting too? 90% of keywords are simply too competitive to realistically rank for in a short period of time. This rule states that you must systematically analyze keywords phrases so that your page ranks highly beating out the competition for all that eager-to-buy traffic.

Golden Rule #4: Assess Commerciality

Let’s say you don’t have a problem with traffic. You have pages that rank highly and bring in hundreds of visitors each day. Are these visitors generating product sales? Or are they just looking for information, shopping around for different versions or perks? Unless you built your website to be the Information Booth of the Internet, having non-buying visitors is not making you money. In order to satisfy this Golden Rule you must target keywords that attract buying traffic, NOT just traffic. Break this rule, and you’ll waste time and money ranking #1 in Google for a keyword that attracts only shoppers or researchers, not buyers.

So there you have it, the 4 Golden Rules that you must follow in order to create a profitable online niche marketing plan. Ask yourself how long would it take you to do all that analysis manually? When you use Market Samurai’s keyword research tool, you can have your campaign sorted through and planned in a couple of hours.