My new Clickbank project

One thing is sure. There are less hours in a day in London, than in any other place I have worked.

It is probably because of the travelling time. In the start it was OK, reading books, the newspaper end so on.

Still I would rather use the time working on current project. A search engine for Clickbank products.

Clickbank is a cool store for ebooks. It’s possible to sell books and earn a small profit on that. But even better, if there is a book of interest, it is possible to buy the boof from myself. This can actually save up to 75%. That is why I’m busy with this project. (cause I think it is fun)

Besides that I have added loads of new photos on the website. As usual no comments.

One day I might get the comments added.


One thought on “My new Clickbank project”

  1. Hi Asbjorn,

    Just thought I would leave a comment…your clickbank project sounds really interesting. Look forward to seei g more details.


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