Latest report on #allisonbday

The tweets just kept coming. The whole story is found on, look for #allisonbday

Here are links from two other tweet from LisaHartwell

This isn’t the final surprise – just a little extra for you to enjoy: #allisonbday

Darn, wish could type properly – should have been #allisonbday – anyway not sure she’s ready for next surprise after

Well, nothing like birthday surprises …

SWBN: Doh! @AllisonR Hope you’ve enjoyed your birthday surprises. Here’s one more – and this ones for keeps

And then ….

Allison gets the last word.

Happy Birthday   Allison!!!!!!

Barb Strikes On Allisons Birthday #allisonbday

Do we have contact with the evil twin?

“@harmonicbarbie: No Girl Geek’s birthday celebration should go by without a truly “dream-worthy” IM Guru #allisonbday”

Oh, yeah, and a new clue … where will it take us ?