Latest report on #allisonbday

The tweets just kept coming. The whole story is found on, look for #allisonbday

Here are links from two other tweet from LisaHartwell

This isn’t the final surprise – just a little extra for you to enjoy: #allisonbday

Darn, wish could type properly – should have been #allisonbday – anyway not sure she’s ready for next surprise after

Well, nothing like birthday surprises …

SWBN: Doh! @AllisonR Hope you’ve enjoyed your birthday surprises. Here’s one more – and this ones for keeps

And then ….

Allison gets the last word.

Happy Birthday   Allison!!!!!!

Barb Strikes On Allisons Birthday #allisonbday

Do we have contact with the evil twin?

“@harmonicbarbie: No Girl Geek’s birthday celebration should go by without a truly “dream-worthy” IM Guru #allisonbday”

Oh, yeah, and a new clue … where will it take us ?

The Internet Never Sleeps (But I Did)

Well, some hours ago I did have a look at Lisa Hartwell’s blog. I mean, the clue …

But I did not find anything and then went to bed!

A short night later and the Google reader is full of #allisonbday and the next link was there as well:

retweet: @Susan_Smith @AllisonR Happy Birthday. Keep following the clues: #allisonbday

And the next clue points to Canada, wonder who that could be 🙂

But wait there is more …

Another clue from Shannon Cole

Birthday Wishes from Newfoundland to the only girl I know with a bald pussy…. cat.. that is… #allisonbday

From Vegas …

And it is spreading, here is a tweet from Ed Dale

“I hope #allisonbday watchers read my last email carefully…”

Always read the PPS!

Oh and here is the link from Susan_Smith

@allisonr Happy, happy, happy birthday #allisonbday from the Mushroom Capital of the World (Kennett Square, PA)…really!

And a tweet from

@allisonr Keep your tongue in your mouth & your jaw off the floor! Happy Treasure Hunting! Muuhwaaa #allisonbday

Vince and Nathan what more can a woman wish for on her birthday

And now we present … the one and only #allisonbday (and if your asking they do have photos)
To be contined …

Updates on the Treasure Hunt

To follow along I set up a twitter search for the tag used in the first post  ( go to  and search for the tag: #allisonbday )

Here is first twitter post

@AllisonR Happy Birthday! Have a great day! We have a surprise for you…visit #allisonbday

And the site

Scary picture of Frank and a clue …

Now I didnt know that KarenKramer was from Alabama, but I saw a tweet from Karen

@johnreese Scare those flu germs with “revealing” pic of Frank Kern on this page. Protect your eyes as you scroll down

Frank Kern picture? Oh, yes and Karen has a blog

And what do we find there…

“Your next Clue….

A woman’s work is never done Or so the saying goes. It’s women who mean business This lady really knows”

Well for now I am stuck, though there were some tags on that blog, maybe technorati …


A Twitter Treasure Hunt and Happy Birthday to Allison Reynolds

Really some people have too much time on their hands.

Today (well in Australia at least) it is Allison Reynolds from Secret Women’s Business Network who have birthday and what happend, well check out this link which was posted on twitter, together with a tag  #allisonbday

I hope Allison will work it out, there is little doubt who is behind it all and there is probably a lesson to be learned about marketing in this as well.