The Internet Never Sleeps (But I Did)

Well, some hours ago I did have a look at Lisa Hartwell’s blog. I mean, the clue …

But I did not find anything and then went to bed!

A short night later and the Google reader is full of #allisonbday and the next link was there as well:

retweet: @Susan_Smith @AllisonR Happy Birthday. Keep following the clues: #allisonbday

And the next clue points to Canada, wonder who that could be 🙂

But wait there is more …

Another clue from Shannon Cole

Birthday Wishes from Newfoundland to the only girl I know with a bald pussy…. cat.. that is… #allisonbday

From Vegas …

And it is spreading, here is a tweet from Ed Dale

“I hope #allisonbday watchers read my last email carefully…”

Always read the PPS!

Oh and here is the link from Susan_Smith

@allisonr Happy, happy, happy birthday #allisonbday from the Mushroom Capital of the World (Kennett Square, PA)…really!

And a tweet from

@allisonr Keep your tongue in your mouth & your jaw off the floor! Happy Treasure Hunting! Muuhwaaa #allisonbday

Vince and Nathan what more can a woman wish for on her birthday

And now we present … the one and only #allisonbday (and if your asking they do have photos)
To be contined …