Moving ClearCase Views

When a view server becomes too small, old or in any other way needs to be replaced it is often the case that users have views, they do not want to loose.

Here is a process to move a view from one server to another.

First we need to find the details of the view:

cleartool lsview -l TheView

Tag: TheView
Global path: /home/storage/views/TestView.vws
Server host: viewserver01
Region: unix
Active: YES
View tag uuid:6f8a1caf.08c411de.8016.00:01:d4:a2:88:10
View on host: viewserver01
View server access path: /home/storage/views/TestView.vws
View uuid: 6f8a1caf.08c411de.8016.00:01:d4:a2:88:10
View owner: viewusers/asbjorn

Making view read only and stopping it.

cleartool chview -readonly TheView

cleartool endview -server TheView

The reformat view is not mandatory, however when moving a view from CC 2003.06 to CC 7 it can come in handy.

cleartool reformatview -dump /home/storage/views/TheView.vws

Remove the references to the view from the registry.

cleartool rmtag -view TheView

cleartool unregister -view -uuid 6f8a1caf.08c411de.8016.00:01:d4:a2:88:10

Now make a tarfile of the view storage, then untar this file on the new server in the desired location.

When the restore have been successful, register the view in the new location

cleartool register -view -host viewserver02 -hpath /home/storage/views/TheView.vws /home/storage/views/TheView.vws
cleartool mktag -view -replace -tag TheView -host `hostname` -gpath /home/storage/views/TheView.vws /home/storage/views/TheView.vws

Again you may not need to do the following step.

cleartool reformatview -load -tag TheView

Start the view, and your view is now on the new server.

cleartool startview TheView