First Thirtyday Challenge Pre-Season show

In the end I decided to stay up for the show.

The chat before the show was hectic, many people were online.

Then …

My Mac just stopped! No responses. So in the end I rebooted and started again with only one browser window open.

And the show started. I could see 673 people online, but the chat had gone. Ustream was not coping with the number of people, and the video link was less than perfect.

So I went to bed.

This morning I found the link from the Ustream site

so now I just have to find time to watch it.

Update: well it seems it isn’t ready yet anyway.
And it seems that more people had problems with the site yesterday.

Thirty Day Challenge 2008

With only 3 hours to the pre-season start of the Thirty Day Challenge, it is maybe worth having a look at what the Thirty Day Challenge really is.

The first challenge started in 2005.

Ed Dale had just sold over 30 small websites for several millions of dollars (really!) and wanted to 1) give something back 2) have something to do

I came across the challenge when I heard it mentioned on a podcast with Frank Kern and the NitroMarketing team, and I decided to join, since the cost was exactly zero Dollar!!!

The target was to make $1 in 30 days …

What a target !

Anybody could do that, or maybe not?

I had already made money on the Internet selling ebooks others had written.

There was only one problem. It had cost me more in advertising cost than I earned.

So I was ready for the challenge (on a side note, the reat of the family had gone to Russia)

Ok, so while this year’s challenge have not started yet and the pre-season is only starting now, I’ll follow along, and tell what happened on the first 30 Day challenge over the next 30 days.

Stay tuned


PS. You can see the kickof (I will be sleeping) here