Testing Market Samurai 0.50

Over the last 6 months I have had the privilege to work as intern on the Immediate Edge.

A very interesting experience. As with all projects there are positive parts and negative parts.

Right now it is however in the middle of the positive parts. Testing of the newest Market Samurai.

Just for this tool alone I would become a paid subscriber of the Immediate Edge.

Market Samurai SEO Competition

My Reason Why You Should Not Buy Market Samurai ;-)

Having tested the Market Samurai over the last month
I URGE you NOT to buy it.


Because it is so bl**dy powerful that I would rather that
NOBODY else got their hand on it.

Keyword research is a time consuming business, you can
literally spend days and days trying to find keywords and
phrases. I know because I have done it again and again
only to find, in the end that they did bring loads of traffic
but nobody wanted to buy.

Market Samurai can do the same work, from start to end
in less than 30 minutes. And with the added bonus of
identifying the phrases and keywords that actually convert.

Less than 30 minutes … It is just so good.

So why should you not buy it? Because I(!) want to have
the unfair advantage the tool gives.

Keywords are directly from Google, with Googles own traffic
estimates! No wild guess. Googles own figures. Each keyword
is then judged for commercial intent. How big is the chance
that somebody writing the keyword will actually buy something.

Well, I guess with millions of words and phrases there is room
for everybody. So if you cannot contain yourself, then go ahead
and get the Market Samurai.

It will do keyword research faster and more precise than any
other tool on the Internet.