How To Create An Income Using PLR Content

One of the most challenging tasks is keeping your website updated with new content.

There are two immediate reasons for this.

1) You want your readers to come back for more.
2) You want the search engines visiting your site often, to keep the listings fresh.

This takes time and sometime you just don’t have that extra time available.

So this is where PLR (Private Label Right) have a lot of promise.

You can now leverage the time of other people and get a vast collection of information in a short while.

Note, I ma not saying a vast number of articles or postings.

Because, just dumping in the PRL content in your blog is not going to help you.

Your readers may recognise the content from other places, may not recognise your style and voice, and surely the search engines will recognise the contents from other sites and, while they may not penalise you, they are also not going to show your site in the search results.

So, bear in mind, PLR is a great help, but you still need to add your personal touch.

If you are going to use PLR content as an input for your own writing you will need a steady supply, and there are many membership sites where this is possible.

One of these sites is Matt Callen’s

simply plr

A few extracts from the site.

Matt Callen SimplyPLR Unique PLR Niche Content for Article Marketing

You can get 225 new articles each month.

Matt Callen SimplyPLR Unique PLR Niche Content for Article Marketing
You can monetise the PLR articles with Adsense.

If you build 100 sites that earn $1.00 per day in adsense income you are making $100 dollars per day. When you decide to increase your income, you simply increase the number of sites that you own.

You can use your PLR sites to conduct what is called Arbitrage. This is where you bid on very low paying Pay-Per Click terms to get traffic to your site. Your article site is displaying Googles own ads to the visitors. The visitors that are sent to you by Google click on your ads.

When the visitor clicks on your ads you earn income from Google. You set up your adwords campaign so that you make more on the clicks than you spend on advertising. This is an effective strategy to get traffic to your site.

Another strategy for traffic is to rewrite the PLR articles so that they fit your niche. Submit these articles to the major directories.

The most crucial element of building a moneymaking empire with articles is to have a cohesive plan on the niche that you are targeting.

simply plr

What Everybody Ought To Know

About Getting Paid For Tweeting and Posting


Why Am I Sharing This Information

Because I know it is possible.

Having paid over $10000 in the last couple of years to
have somebody else writing tweets, and posting on my
Facebook page for a Fashion project I know that this
is real.

Maybe you are looking for ways to make an extra income
and have trouble finding something that you can start
doing immediately. It may require little specialised
knowledge, however it is something that does take time.

What is it about time

Time is the whole secret here.

You see, we all *sell* our time in one way or another.

Study spend the time and get a well paid job.
Work spend time doing something that has value to the company and get paid.
Watch TV spend time doing nothing and get entertained.

So everything is about time and you may have some spare time, that you can use.

I have time but I have nothing to offer

In this Internet time many companies are looking for ways to
get in contact with customers.

It used to be advertising, now social media is the new hot thing.

But, many companies do not really get social media and that is
where you have an opportunity.

You can get paid for tweeting and posting on Facebook.

Why would anybody get paid to send tweets and posts on Facebook

The marketing budget of companies is now being shifted from
traditionally advertising to social media.

And while there is a good knowledge of how advertising work
it is people who already use twitter and Facebook that are
in demand now.

An advertisement, like

‘Buy these new headphones, with great features and a good price’

will not work as well as a tweet from a friend saying

‘I bought these new headphones, with great features and a good price’

This is Social Proof.

If you like a product your friends may be more interested in getting it themselves.

But what did you get in return for the tweet? Nothing.

What Are Typical Tasks

Some of the most typical tasks are

  • Posting status updates to Facebook
  • Updating blog posts
  • Commenting on YouTube videos
  • Posting tweets to Twitter
  • Uploading videos to YouTube
  • Replying to comments on Facebook

How much do you have to work

This is really up to you. There are no guarantees of a minimum income,
because one person may put in 4 hours a week another 40 hours.

In fact, you are the one deciding how much your income will be.

When should you start

Now is a good time!

Start small, find one task, do it well and consistent then
add an extra job.

Consistency is what is needed in this task, it doesn’t help neither
you nor your client, if your tweets are once every 3 weeks.

If you do not think you can put some time aside for your task regularly
then this is not for you. Just saying…

Want to know more

You probably have other questions that I have not answered.
Naturally I can not tell you everything about getting paid
for tweeting and posting on Facebook in this short blog post.

If you want further information have a look at this site.