Easy Beer Brewing Links

Easy Beer Brewing Links

Software to calculate recipes

QBrew is a homebrewer’s recipe calculator. You can create and modify ale and lager recipes as well as calculate gravity, color, and bitterness. QBrew includes a database of styles, grains, hops, and miscellaneous ingredients, plus a brewing tutorial. (And it is free)

Recipe management and inventory tracking. For OS X, Windows and Linux. Price start from $27.95

Brewmate is another great free application in this case for Windows only.
Some points about the app

  • Simple, Fast & Accurate recipe formulation
  • Save & Open recipes in BeerXML file format / Open Promash Recipe files
  • Fermentables Calculation can be switched from Percentage to Weight or vica verse “On The Fly” – Simple!
  • Hop quantities can either be entered in Grams (g) / Ounces (oz) or by Grams Per Litre (g/L) / Ounces Per Gallon (oz/Gal)
  • Temperature support for both Celsius & Fahrenheit
  • Volume support for both Litres and Gallons


Another free application for Linux and Windows
Rapido is a software edition beer recipe and estimation results.

Link to free books

Home Brewers Association

Beer recipes

Popular Mechanics

Water quality

How to Brew

Grow your own barley

Grow Your Own Grain
Barley Quality


Wyeast Labs
More Beer, brewing techniques


Hop Guide
Hop Growing Resources
Rooting and Soil Preparation

How to start your own micro brewery

How To Start a Micro Brewer”
Start a Microbrewery (Wiki How)

European beer guide

European Beer Guide

Is Beer Brewing Legal?

Home Brewing (Wikipedia)
Home Brewing (Beertown)
All About Beer, getting legal

General sites

Wikipedia Beer Portal

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