Using Prosperent on autoposted blogs

If you have set up blogs using autoposting, like Article Marketing Automation or WordPress Direct and do not want to make a massive footprint using the same Adsense Id, it can be challenging to get relevant adverts onto your sites.

One ad network that makes is easier is Prosperent where you can get a PHP interface to all their offers.

This is however only half of the story, because you still need to find offers that are relevant to the content on the individual blog posts. To achieve this I wrote a wordpress plugin that will go through the content, then based on that search the Prosperent database and finally add the highest paying advert to the blog post.

Over the next weeks I’ll monitor the results and see how to improve the plugin.


6 Reasons Why Silo Structured Websites Are the Future of an SEO Strategy

6 Reasons Why Silo Structured Websites Are the Future of an SEO Strategy By Jay Neaves

Until now, SEO strategy has been quite a simple process and while many of the elements that applied before are still relevant now, changes implemented by Google have forced some Internet Marketers to consider the silo structure “themed” approach a lot more seriously. However, there is still a reluctance to embrace siloing, predominantly because until now it has been a tedious, time consuming process.

Creating a silo structure involves creating a one way linking system throughout your website that, in effect, gives your website clearly-defined ‘themes’ in the eyes of the search engines. This in turn increases your websites relevance. As successful marketer, Dan Raine, suggests, the focus of leading search engines is returning the most relevant results to the end user, and the days when targeting specific keywords was enough are over.

The Silo Structure Benefit #1

According to search engine leader, Google, their new ‘Caffeine Algorithm’ has changed the way websites are indexed and crawled. To put it in the simplest of terms, it is now an on-going process rather than a periodic one. This means that websites are index faster and crawled more often.

Implementing a Silo Structure ensures that when your website is crawled, the spider is sent through your site in a very deliberate, systematic way which gives Google a good knowledge of what your site is about and takes account of all of your content and overriding ‘themes’.

The Silo Structure Benefit #2

In their bid to provide end users with the most relevant results, the search engines look for meaning and use ‘synonyms’ and ‘semantics’ to return results that may or may not include the keywords or terms that the user enters. For example, if a user enters ‘Potty Training’, they will not only get results for that exact phrase, they will also get results for ‘Toilet Training’.

According to the Google blog, 70% of searches return results for terms the user did not enter. With a silo structured website, the ‘clearly defined themes’ within your sites pages are will begin to be entered into the database and you will be indexed for other related keyword terms within that theme. In essence, this means that your website will be returned in results for keywords that you have not even targeted.

The Silo Structure Benefit #3

It has always been the aim of website owners that their site is ranked in the ever elusive top 10 for a wide array of keywords. Because the Silo Structure will get your pages indexed for other related keywords, you no longer need to create pages and pages of content targeting particular keywords. While the need for your content to be of a high quality still remains, you will need less content to rank for more keywords. Thereby, you will increase your traffic from the search engines.

The Silo Structure Benefit #4

One of the HUGE benefits of a silo structure and the culmination of all of these other factors is the effect it will have on your page rank. As all of your pages are highly targeted to specific themes, your website will be more and more relevant and more and more important in the eyes of the search engines. As we all know, the higher your page rank the more your website is viewed as an authority in your niche, increasing your traffic and your reputation as a leader in your field.

The Silo Structure Benefit #5

The boost a silo structured website offers in terms of SERPS and authority lessen the need to generate huge numbers of back links to your pages. While back linking is far from redundant and will certainly remain part of your overall SEO strategy for the foreseeable future, the power of back links is minimized and less time needs to be spent on this element of your SEO.

The Silo Structure Benefit #6

As we all know, more traffic means more leads and more sales. More leads, more sales, more income…no more explanation is needed, is it?

While some website owners and Internet Marketers are still loathed to implement siloing, the reality is they will, in time, NEED to move with the times. The landscape of SEO is changing and success will require us all to change with it. Thus far there have been very few automated siloing products and those that have appeared have been largely ineffective. However, this too is changing and with the recent public launch of a great new WordPress Silo Plugin.

The silo structure is undoubtedly the way forward and while some marketers are still claiming they are doing just fine without it, the prediction from the leading SEO consultants is that those website that are not using silo approach will rapidly see their previously high ranking website plummet down the rankings in the not too distant future.

Jay Neaves Author & Experienced SEO Copywriter

The Silo Structure has become the most effective way to do your SEO and the leading Internet Marketers, including Dan Raine are already showing how effective it is. Technology moves at a lightening pace and it is the successful that move with the times while those who are set in their ways, ultimately fall by the way side as their techniques grow more and more out of date.

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Article Source: 6 Reasons Why Silo Structured Websites Are the Future of an SEO Strategy